Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kyoko of Skip Beat!

♥ Here's my Kyoko madness!!! ♥

Kyoko's role as an angel for Fuwa Sho's MV...

Here's Kyoko acting as the mean, young, rich girl MIO...

And below is her acting as an ojou-san...

*Images above were print-screened by me while watching the episodes of Skip Beat!*

Do you like anime? Especially with the genre of Comedy and Shoujo? 
If yes, then I'm pretty sure you're very familiar with SKIP BEAT!
Gosh! That anime is good. Can't believe there's no season two. Well at least not YET.
I've been waiting for it for more than a year since I've watched the first 25 episodes. 
Let there be a second season. 
I've been reading the manga and it is awesome!

♥ My favorite episodes are 6, 7, 13, 18, and 19!!! ♥

WAAAAAH!!! My favorite is MOGAMI KYOKO! 
She rocks!