Sunday, March 6, 2011

"You Make Me Sick."

Just wanna highlight this part on the manhwa/ Korean comic, Money Ace X (MAX)!
You probably thought I'm angry at someone and will most likely rant some stuff here in my blog. I'm going to change some things here by the way. I guess I'm tired of repeating over and over again how much studying is so tiring and how boring it can be. So I thought of posting something which interests me. 
One of which is of course, MANGA or MANHWA!

Just like my other previous posts about anime and manga, I want to talk about something similar to it. It's one of my many favorites. 

Credits to Eclipse

(Clap! Clap! Clap!)

So here's what the topic is all about. Finally, Don Namu (main female character) turns to a cold-hearted person. Well, not entirely cold-hearted, but just towards those who deceived her. HAHA!

So here are some parts of the manhwa...

Here's my favorite part. HEHE.. ♫

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Here's the time when it's the president's (the guy) turn to kneel and got rejected. WAHAHAHA!
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The duo in shock... :P
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Images above are taken from this awesome manga site,
You can read it there.
There's also the Eclipse translating (from Korean to English) it for us. You can also read it there. It's thanks to them that we get to read the content of the manhwa.

So I was saying... my most favorite part for the latest chapter released not too long ago which is Chapter 17. When Namu said "YOU MAKE ME SICK." to Jae-Tae Hu. WAHAHAHAHA! In your face! ;)

Gosh! I ♥ that part. You all might wanna read this manhwa. It's really good. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
You can read the summary in the given links. Hope you enjoy reading it.


  1. Yehey, manga update! :)

    I'll read that manga next :P Seems interesting :)

    <3 GRYSH

  2. oh XD il deung XD i can never remember his name :(

    i looked it up, because i thought i was the only one who realized it, and was wondering why everyone (in the manga ) thought he has handsome too. :P

    i learned that it was suppose to be symbolic XD he has his big head because of many things i suppose XD

    - he's "above" everyone else in the class ( it's suppose to repersent how he is smater, and looks down on people who are "below" him XD not in terms of head size, but you know? idk if im making any sense XDD

    but in chapter 11, he and the magician look at each other on the same level, which i think is symbolic as well, meaning that they're on equal footing or something XD

    - it shows his burden as one of the more elite families. it shows his tie to his parents ( seeing as they have the same head shape too :P )

    or maybe the artist is just trying to show that even though other people think he's handsome, he's really not handsome on the inside.

    he changes though, because in chapter 22 his head turns back to normal. XD

    i was looking things up about it the other day XD i wish the translations would come out faster TT TT

  3. haha. mm, cool story sis :DD

  4. I will read it soon. Adik na rin ako hihi la lang akong time ngayon kasi carnival dito. Crazy ang mga pips.

  5. that's cool.. what manga can you recommend? hit me on my cbox! hmmm I want more on romance or love story with a comedy. :)

  6. OMG! I'm reading this manga and I really love it's story, plus the cool ability of the girl. HAHA!

  7. thanks for dropping by, visiting you back with smile! very informative anime site...will show this to my son! have a great day! :)

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